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In Tribhanga, a film now playing on Netflix, Kajol finds herself back in a familiar milieu.

(Photograph by Mandar Deodhar)

Kajol grew up surrounded by strong-willed women. In Tribhanga, a film now playing on Netflix, the actor finds herself back in a familiar milieu.

Q. Tribhanga: Tedhi Medhi Crazy is an inter-generational family drama with assertive women at the helm. You know what it’s like to grow up in the presence of such women. Tell us about it.

When people ask me who you idolise, I say it’s my great grandmother (Rattan Bai), grandmother (Shobhana Samarth) and mother (Tanuja). It was amazing growing up amid such strong, innately secure ladies. Way back, they were following the crux of feminism-to have the choice to be able to do whatever we want. I talk about them to my kids so that they understand their legacy.

Q. The film looks at how a woman is judged for having ambition, especially if it goes beyond the realm of family

It is more about who is a “good woman”. The minute she has a thought of her own or wants to follow her dreams, she isn’t perfect anymore. If she smokes and drinks, she is a vamp. You don’t have such standards for men. The film tells women not to judge each other.

Q. Given the year that just passed, do you think the lines between OTT and theatre have blurred?

Definitely. With the pandemic and the subsequent situation with theatres [closed for eight months], we, as an industry, are really struggling. I am really hoping that in the next six months we can come back to theatres safely and responsibly. I hope both [mediums] can co-exist.

Q. What did you end up doing in 2020?

Since last year, I have been playing the toughest role of my life, that of a parent who sits over her nine-year-old son’s shoulders and ensures he attends his online classes.


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