Viral Video Of Kid Climbing Up Fridge For A Cookie Divides The Internet


Viral Video: This cute video of a kid climbing up a fridge went viral.


  • A video of a girl climbing up a refreigerator is going viral
  • The kid’s mother had hidden the cookie in a cupboard above the fridge
  • Take a look at how Twitte reacted to the video

Sugar cravings are real and can strike at any time. Don’t you often feel an uncontrollable urge to bite into a gooey cake or delicious brownie? These random thoughts cross the minds of children and adults, alike. Parents often try to regulate their children’s sugar consumption by hiding away chocolates, cookies and other goodies in inaccessible areas. However, one enterprising kid found her way out of her parents’ imposed restrictions. In a video that has gone viral on Twitter, a little girl climbed all the way up a fridge to grab a cookie hidden by her parents. Take a look:

The video was originally shared on TikTok and soon found its way to various other social media platforms. On Twitter, the clip went viral, garnering over 775k views and counting. It was liked and retweeted several thousand times by users, who found the antics of the little girl incredible and astonishing to say the least.

In the 22-second video, we see how the cute kid expertly navigates her way to the top of the fridge. She manages to stick one leg in the refrigerator’s ice tray and another on its handle, thus reaching the cupboard on top of it to retrieve a cookie packed in a plastic bag. She closes the cabinet door properly to sweep away any signs of her naughty activities, and then slides down to pose for the camera with a cheerful grin and a happy dance.


Many Twitter users found the girl’s video cute, admiring the lengths to which she went for her favourite food. However, several concerned users also pointed out how the act could actually end up becoming dangerous and hurting her.

Take a look at some reactions by Twitterati:

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We would surely give the girl full marks for her determination to get what she wanted! However, these activities are not advisable for young children without parental supervision. What did you think of the viral video? Tell us in the comments below!

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