Storing Your Piano – Movers in St. Petersburg

As a piano owner there are times you may have to store your piano. This article will provide a few tips on how your piano should be stored and movers in st. petersburg.

Any piano should always be stored in climate-controlled storage. In Saint Petersburg, Florida humidity can easily ruin a piano. The cost of refinishing a piano will far exceed the additional cost of climate controlled storage. Even in a climate-controlled storage you never want there to be direct contact with the piano and plastic wrap. The plastic will trap moisture and again cause damage to a pianos finish. We do not recommend using any plastic wrap but you if you feel the need to do so, be sure there is a layer of moving blankets between the plastic and the piano.

If you are storing a baby grand or grand piano, you have two options for storing. Option number one, which will save space, is leaving the piano on a piano board and make sure the legs and lyre are wrapped in moving blankets. Option number two is setting the piano back up on its legs in storage. To keep your piano safe throughout the moving and storing process, we recommend hiring piano movers in St. Petersburg or surrounding areas. A piano mover will have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to move the piano safely into storage. Looking for movers in st. petersburg? At Grand Moving & Storage we offer piano moving in St. petersburg and climate controlled storage.