Setup The Best Price For Wedding Photography Service

Wedding photography is one of the most lucrative income sources for a photographer and is getting highly popular these days. Almost every couple wants to create a lovely album capturing timeless moments with finesse and expertise so that they can look back at them and reminisce about their wonderful days. However, during the peak season of weddings, it becomes hard for photographers to set a profitable price for their services. This is because the competition gets intense and many reputed candid wedding photographers offer their services at a budget rate. 

Further, the internet offers endless ideas and themes to choose from and many people get themselves clicked from their friends for free as well. 

So, if you are a wedding photographer that struggles to set the best price during the peak wedding seasons, this post is for you!

Here, we share some of the best tips to set the best prices and how to sell your services like a pro without compromising with the money and the quality of service. 

Tips to setup your best price for wedding photography during peak seasons

Create a digital portfolio

A digital portfolio stays with you wherever you go and offers a direct peek into your work and its quality. You can actually show your skills and put a price that matches well with the services. You can create a portfolio with actual clients, or with random shots clicked with random people. 

Sell ideas, not photos.

Almost anyone with a good camera and average skills can click awesome pictures. Also, people can copy photos with ease. However, the ideas are generated in the head and cannot be copied. So, you must come up with ideas and project them as your major USPs while quoting a price. Further, every couple has different requirements for wedding photos. If you have a great emotional quotient, you can easily figure out what makes a specific couple happy. Thus, you can create specific wedding photography themes and ask for a price that matches them.

Reasonable profits don’t call for bargaining.

When you set reasonable prices, you can easily justify them. However, if you ask for higher prices right from the start, a majority of couples might not even bother bargaining with you. You might say and believe that your prices are highly relevant because many other people are charging even more than you. But, you must remember that not every couple has a few million to spend on their wedding photography. So, quote a reasonable price.

Be open to negotiation, but don’t be a pushover.

When you are interacting with people, negotiation comes naturally as a part of the job. So, you must be accepting of that. But, just to make some money, if you keep on accepting low-paying jobs, you will develop a mentality that this much is enough for you. And, people can easily push you around to get their demands processed while underpaying you. So, be open to negotiation, but never undersell your skills.

Have a blog that tells a story, instead of showing pictures.

What we see is what we process, and like!

While every wedding photographer has a website or blog, a majority of them fail to send a positive and unique vibe. This is because they project various albums or photos from different wedding functions without any story or content to support them. 

There are some photographers that write one or two lines under some photos as well. But, 99% of them mean strict business and nothing that moves the hearts and souls.

Couples getting married are in a different world. They are having ideas and notions about their future as a wedded couple and are looking for creating beautiful wedding albums that can tell the stories of this time of their lives. So, create a blog that features stories and dreamy write-ups about wedding functions or different couples. 

For example, instead of writing:

“A unique wedding album of a stylish beach wedding”, you can write something as follows:

Riddhi and Soham are two sides of an imperfect coin that became perfect when they fell in love. One loves white, while the other loves black. Their love is an epitome of how love and relationships trump every common belief and ideology to conquer and rise as a beautiful and unique existence!

When you spin stories and then use photos as a supporting element, you indulge the couples and project yourself as a unique and dreamy storyteller that can do justice to the best days of their lives. With such a talent, you can justify the price you are asking for your services and are not subject to bargaining. 

A final word!

While you are doing business as a wedding photographer, it is a field of Art and Art is related to souls and not money. So, we recommend wielding on that fact and trying to project your services such that your clients can actually feel that your prices are just the right!

Rest, we learn as we go and experience also fetches wisdom and business smarts!

We hope this write-up offers helpful insights to all our readers and they learn tips to set the best prices for wedding photography during peak seasons.

Thanks for reading!