Sara Ali Khan Finished A Big Plate Of Chocolate Dessert And Proved She Has A Sweet Tooth


It’s quite unbelievable to see our favourite celebs looking fit all the time even with their occasional bingeing. How they manage to stay in shape is something that baffles us but whenever we see them giving in to their temptations, it appeases the foodie in us. Sara Ali Khan, for instance, has often been seen indulging in some guilt-ridden food, especially sweets. If you follow her on Instagram, you might have recently seen her love for desserts. On Valentine’s day, Sara treated herself with a plate of drool-worthy dessert of fried bread, red jam, jelly and cream cheese and also a heart-shaped red velvet pasty paired with a scoop of chocolate ice cream, drizzled with some chocolate syrup.

A few days earlier, Sara also posted pictures of her breakfast – chocolate-flavoured smoothies, and another time, she was seen indulging in some chocolate chip cookies along with an ice-cream topped with choco chips. It’s pretty obvious that Sara has a weakness for chocolate and chocolate-flavoured goodies. This was made abundantly clear in her latest Instagram story, where she posted a picture of a large chocolate dessert that she wiped off completely.


The three-layered chocolate dessert dripping with chocolate sauce and garnished with lots of strawberries and chocolate crumble, surely looks yummy! The second picture that shows how Sara finished it off is hilarious. Animated GIFs of ‘Help’, ‘Burp’ and ‘Food Coma’ – are exactly what we feel and go through after gobbling down a massive dessert like this. 


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