Ruwangan Hachi Chaman: A Kashmiri-Style Paneer Recipe That Is Made With Whole Spices And Ghee



  • Kashmiri dishes have their own unique flavours that stand out in the lot.
  • This Kashmiri-style paneer recipe is a winner on any dinner table.
  • It tastes best when paired with chapati.

Indian cuisine is a melting pot of various food cultures from different regions and sub-regions – each having a deep-rooted history and an extensive range of unique dishes to offer. If you explore, you will find every regional cuisine is dominated by its weather, geography, culture and locally grown ingredients. While cuisine in Eastern India is loaded with different freshwater fish recipes (courtesy: the rivers in the region), South Indian food culture sees a dominance of coconut in almost every dish. Another regional cuisine that stands out in the lot is Kashmiri cuisine. It rich, aromatic and has a very unique flavour factor that leaves a strong impression on our taste buds. Almost every dish in Kashmiri cuisine is dominated by the flavours of saunf (fennel) and saunth (dry ginger) and Kashmiri red chilli.

According to general perception, Kashmiri cuisine is all about meat and meat-based recipes. But if you look around, you will find various veg dishes that can be a winner at any dinner table. One such lip-smacking recipe is ruwangan hachi chaman. It is basically a Kashmiri-style paneer recipe, where juicy, moist cubes of fried paneer are dunked in a tangy tomato-based recipe made with whole spices. What makes it exotic and lavish is the usage of desi ghee. The inclusion of desi ghee in the recipe adds a strong flavour and aroma to your meal.


How To Make Ruwangan Hachi Chaman | Kashmiri-Style Paneer Recipe:

For this recipe, we need paneer, tomato (boiled and sundried), onion, garlic, whole spices like green cardamom, black cardamom, cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, powdered spices like turmeric, Kashmiri red chilli powder, saunth, sauf, some mustard oil and oodles of desi ghee.

You need to fry onion, garlic, paneer, whole spices and powdered spices together and add tomato to it and cook. Spread a generous amount of ghee on the top, garnish with coriander leaves and serve it.

Click here for the step-by-step recipe.


This Kashmiri-style paneer is generally semi-dry in nature and tastes best when paired with chapati. You may also it along with Kashmir-special zafrani pulao.

Enjoy your meal!

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