Quick Tips When Hiring A Piano Mover

Hiring a piano mover can be a taunting task. Most pianos not only have a high dollar value, but they almost always have a sentimental value, which far out ways the dollar value. In this article, we will give you tips of what to look for when hiring a piano mover in St. Petersburg or surrounding areas.

1. Look at the companies reviews on Google. Don’t only look at their overall reviews but be sure to look through all the reviews and see what the lower star reviews are saying about the company. Were they late? Did they not show up? Was there a damage?

2. Be sure to ask if they are insured. As a piano mover there should be 2 types insurance held by the company. The first is general liability, which will cover items in your home or office such as the floor or any other items that have a possibility of getting damaged while the piano is being moved. The second insurance is cargo, which covers your piano while in transit.

3. Check to see if the company is licensed. In order to be a mover, you must be licensed with the state and receive an IM number. To check if a company is licensed in Florida, you can click the following link. https://csapp.800helpfla.com/cspublicapp/businesssearch/businesssearch.aspx You can also see if the company you’re considering hiring has had any complaints made with the State.

4. Be sure the company you’re looking at hiring does piano moves frequently and this isn’t their first time. Most piano moving companies will have photos of pianos they have moved on their website or on their Google listing. Unfortunately, many companies will say they can move a piano but don’t have the correct equipment or the experience and the customer ends up with damages or overpaying. A true piano moving company will only need to send out 2 men for any piano move that doesn’t involve stairs. As you might have figured, an upright piano requires much less experience to move than a baby grand. When a baby grand is moved, it should be disassembled and placed on its side on a piano board and then reassembled at the destination. We hope this article helped you in your pursuit to find a piano mover. If you’re in Saint Petersburg or surrounding areas and are looking for a piano mover, Grand Moving & Storage would be happy to provide you with a free quote. You can reach us by calling 727-498-2221 or by visiting us at GrandMovingandStorage.com