Quick And Easy Recipe: This Shimla Mirch Aloo Sabzi Is Ready In Under 30 Minutes!



  • Shimla Mirch Aloo or Potato Capsicum is a common dish
  • The easy recipe can be made in under 30 minutes
  • Take a look at our exclusive recipe video

Cooking is undoubtedly an art which requires some amount of experience and knowledge. Beginner cooks and amateurs often struggle learning the tricks of the trade. However, it is a complete myth that cooking has to be a long-drawn, tedious task. With the right kind of recipes and a few simple cooking tips, the process can be a breeze! Take for instance, the Shimla Mirch Aloo recipe, a common dish made in many households. Did you know that the entire preparation and cooking time of the recipe takes less than 30 minutes? This Shimla Mirch Aloo sabzi is a quick and easy dish which you must try today.

Potato is probably one of the most versatile vegetables of the Indian cuisine. Pair it with peas and you have a simple Aloo Matar gravy ready, combine it with bread and you can make easy bread rolls. Aloo is also used in a variety of dry Indian preparations, be it Aloo Gobhi or Aloo Baingan. Shimla Mirch Aloo is also one such delicious dry recipe that brings together the crispiness of capsicum with the starchy goodness of potatoes.

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gnuv8l0oAloo Shimla Mirch is one of the easiest recipes for beginners. 

How To Make Shimla Mirch Aloo Sabzi | Easy Capsicum Aloo Recipe

Start by heating oil in a pan on medium flame. Add cumin seeds till they start to splutter. Now proceed to add onions and sautee on high flame. Once they turn glossy and translucent, it’s time to add tomatoes along with the spices. Let everything cook well and allow the spices to blend in. Now, add capsicum and potato together and lower the heat. You can also cover the lid to ensure that the vegetable is properly cooked. Turn off the heat when capsicum softens slightly, and serve the sabzi hot and fresh!

The best part about the Shimla Mirch Aloo is that it’s so simple, beginner cooks can easily ace it. Try your hand at making this wonderful dish for an easy yet wholesome meal. Head to the top of the article for the complete recipe video, else click here. You can also find the step-by-step recipe text at the link here.


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