Online Punjabi Traditional Jewellery – Get the Latest Collection

Be it any occasion, Punjabi functions are well-known for their food, enjoyment and of course jewellery. Punjabi jewelry is full of colors that include several different types of jewelry that consist of numerous types of accessories. What are the important accessories that women love to wear at different functions? Do you have any idea! Let’s discuss them below.

Well, there are so many types of Punjabi traditional jewellery that consists of a wide number of options. One can buy it online. Without any doubt, selecting the right kind of jewellery is difficult but I think the below-written points can help you out.

Latest Punjabi Traditional Jewellery Available Online

Indian Bangles – We all know the Punjabis for the high spirit which is incomplete without the Punjabi traditional jewelry. The stunning accessories are made to shine every part of the women that can keep the world on halt. Indian bangles or heavy Kadas look super gorgeous on the arms. One can choose what to choose and what not to. 

Paranda/Parandi – A Punjabi occasion is incomplete without the Prandi. It is usually worn in the braid of a woman that looks awesome. Multi-color Prandis are available online. One can easily buy it from trusted brands such as Amazel Designs.

Kaintha Jugni – Kaintha and Jugni are worn around the neck that are generally available in the golden color. They are available in numerous designs. The men and women both love to wear this traditional jewelry on Punjabi occasions. 

Phulkari Dupattas – O ladies look super awesome with Phulkaris! Well, they are just like dupattas which are heavy in weight that include various colors and patterns. Whether you are in any corner of the world, you can buy online Phulkaris in any colour at any time.  

Flower Jewellery- Along with the traditional Bridal Chura which is often gifted by the bride’s uncle at a specific ceremony, the Punjabi bride loves to wear flower jewelry that adds flair to her personality. This flower jewelry is also worn on the Henna applying ceremony by some of the brides-to-be. Not just the necklace, but the earning, rings, and maang Tikka are also made up of simple yet beautiful flowers with beads. 

Punjabi Necklace Sets – The necklace comes under heavy ornaments that are usually made up of gold or diamonds. But with the craze of collecting the numerous necklaces among girls, Punjabi necklaces sets are enough to attract the guests. They are available in traditional looks too with different styles such as Rani-haar, Choker sets, Pearl, Kundan and American Diamonds. One can easily match the necklaces with their dresses without going anywhere. All they need to do for buying Punjabi Traditional jewellery is to select the required one and get it without paying any delivery charges.


Whether you are looking for Punjabi traditional jewellery for brides or just to attend a normal function, buying it from a trusted brand is very important. Amazel Designs have countless Punjabi accessories. If you are looking for a trustable platform that deals fairly in jewelry then you can easily reach out online through Insta, Facebook, and official websites too. Buy the latest collection at a cost-effective price.