Karnataka Farmer Cultivates Yellow Watermelons, Heres How Twitter Reacted


A watermelon with a yellow flesh has been cultivated by a Karnataka farmer.


  • Watermelon is a quintessential fruit consumed in summers
  • A Karnataka farmer has cultivated a yellow variety of it
  • Here’s what Twitter users had to say to the news

Watermelon is one of the most-loved fruits which are essential to the hot summer season. A slice of the watery, sweet delight can instantly rejuvenate the body. The immense water content in watermelons can also hydrate from within. A typical watermelon has a greenish peel and vibrant red hues inside. There are certain variations in size and colour depending upon the region where it is sourced from. However, a recently developed, new kind of watermelon has left the internet surprised. A young farmer from Karnataka has managed to grow a new variety of ‘Yellow Watermelon’ in his field. Take a look:

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Basavaraj Patil is a graduate who hails from Koralli village in Kalaburagi, Karnataka. The young farmer has developed the yellow watermelons himself, as reported by ANI. They appear to be green in colour from the outside, however, show a bright yellow flesh on being opened up.

According to Patil, these intriguing watermelons are actually sweeter in taste than red watermelons. “These taste sweeter than red watermelons. I invested Rs 2 lakhs & have earned a profit of over Rs 3 lakhs. We should diversify our crop production,” he said to ANI. He is also in touch with the local mart as well as Big Bazaar for the sale of his crops, which are earning him profits too.

Users on Twitter were intrigued to know more about these brilliant watermelons. Take a look at how they reacted to the news:

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