Funny Video Of Baby Running Away From Food Is The Cutest Thing Youll See Today


The baby video recieved many amused comments.


  • A video of baby running away from her mother is winning the internet.
  • The mother tried to feed the baby girl, which made the child run away.
  • Watch the adorable video here.

Are you a fan of cute baby videos like us? Then this video is a must-watch. And if you are a mother to a toddler yourself, you’ll fully relate to it too. Mothers know what a task it is to make the stubborn kids eat. They apply all tips and tricks under the sun to make the young ones eat without any hassle. This mother innovated her own unique way to trick her child into eating her meal but alas, it failed. However, it made way for one of the most hilarious baby videos on the internet.

Twitter user Mandy with the Twitter handle named as ‘The Millennial Mom’ posted this video of her baby girl. In the baby video, we can see Mandy sitting in her chair holding a bottle of milk and her child slowly walking towards her. But, suddenly, Mandy keeps away the bottle and picks up a bowl of food with spoon. And the very second the child sees food, she takes a sharp U-turn and starts running away shouting. Mandy wrote in the video caption: “The scream. Haybo my kid hates food.”

Watch the video here:

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The adorable video drew many ‘awws’ and ‘hahas’ from other users. The video has been watched 98k times so far and has gathered close to 500 comments from amused viewers. Many had a good laugh and replied with comments like:


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“This how yahoo yahoo started oh! You enticed the baby with his favorite feeding bottle, and when he came you dropped the bottle, and grabbed plate and spoon. Haba?”

“She’s on a liquid diet, please respect her Face with tears of joy.” (Pleading face)

“I love how they think they can always outrun us.”

“She ran for her dear life.”

“I don’t know how many times i’ve watched this. (Face with tears of joy). She was like nope, not today.”

“It’s the acceleration for me. Speed and quickness already showing.”

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