Canada Man Breaks Record Of Growing Heaviest Turnip In The World



  • Man breaks records of growing heaviest turnip in the world.
  • He sowed seeds in 2020 and nurtured it for a year.
  • He grew 3 turnips- all of which are broke the record of heaviest turnips.

We all are passionate about something or the other in our lives. While some people love experimenting with new recipes, others like collecting various exotic spices and herbs at home. You will also find people who like gardening and growing their own flowers, fruits and vegetables. One such passion of a Canada man recently made him a Guinness World Records holder. Cabinetmaker Damien Allard from Quebec in Canada is a proud owner of three massive-sized turnips (shalgam) – all of which broke the record of being the heaviest turnip in the world

According to the official website of Guinness World Records, the first turnip weighed 22.9 kg, the second was of 24.4 kg and the third turnip weighed an astonishing 29 kg. The third turnip measured a circumference of 138 cm, height of 35 cm and was 46 cm wide. All the three turnips broke the previous record of 17.7 kg turnip.

The GWR took to their Twitter handle to share the news and wrote alongside, “He grew three giant turnips, ya dig?”

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A report on the website further read that that Damien was working on these turnips for past one year. He sowed the seeds in 2020 and nourished it for one whole year.

His mission for breaking world’s heaviest turnip record started in 2016 when he grew a 7kg turnip at home. Earlier, in 2019, he grew a turnip weighing 15.5 kg, which was close enough to the previous record holding turning that weighed 17.7 kg.

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Heaviest avocado- 2.55 kg

Heaviest onion- 8.5 kg

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