Aloo Posto To Dhokar Dalna: 9 Bengali Vegetarian Recipes That Will Make You Forget Maach-Bhaat



  • Bengali cuisine is a potpourri of different traditions and culture.
  • Bengali cuisine, both in terms of veg and non-veg dishes, is extensive.
  • We bring 9 veg recipes that will make you fall for Bengali food.

Bengali cuisine to most of the world is synonymous to ‘maach bhaat’ (fish and rice) and ‘rosogolla’ (rasgulla). But, trust us, fish is just the tip of the iceberg. This cuisine has much more to offer. The food culture of Bengal has a deep-rooted history and is extensive to the core. It is a potpourri of different cultures and traditions from across the world. Besides its rich and delicious fish and meat-based dishes, Bengali cuisine also offers a whole range of vegetarian delicacies that never fails to impress a food aficionado. From the most common vegetables like aloo and parwal to the unique ones including banana stem and pumpkin flower- Bengalis are known to whip up a gamut of dishes with different types of vegetables and greens. And the best part is, you can enjoy these vegetables both in forms of fries and curries.

If you have still not tried Bengali vegetarian recipes, then here we have a surprise for you. We handpicked some of the best Bengali vegetarian food items that can change your thoughts about Bengali food. Give them a try!

Here Are 9 Of The Best Bengali Vegetarian Recipes For You:


Bengali-style mixed veg, labra is a flavourful amalgamation of seasonal vegetables and popular Bengali masala panch phoron. Traditionally, labra make an important part of a bhog thaali. Click here for the recipe.


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Dhokar dalna:

If you love all things spicy, then dhokar dalna is just the dish for you. Flavourful chana dal cakes dunked in spicy aloo curry- dhokar dalna is a treat to your taste-buds. Click here for the recipe.

Aloo posto:

Aloo posto is probably the most common Bengali veg dish people know of. Fried potato cubes coated with thick posto (poppy seeds) gravy- this dish is just irresistible. Click here for the recipe.

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Chholar dal:

Visit any quintessential Bengali household, chholar dal, with luchi, is the most common breakfast you will be offered. It is basically a chana dal recipe, cooked with coconut, whole garam masala and ghee. Click here for the complete recipe.

Potoler dorma:

If you have avoided parwal for your whole life, then this recipe will surely change your thoughts. Potoler dorma is basically parwal stuffed with paneer, dry fruits and a pool of spices. You can enjoy it both with roti and rice. Click here for the recipe.

Kanchakolar kofta:

We all love soft succulent koftas dunked in spicy gravy. Don’t we? But did you ever think of preparing it with bananas?! Yes, you heard it right. In this recipe, the kofta is made with boiled raw banana and spices. Click here to know more.

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Shukto is a must-have in every Bengali thali. It is a bitter-sweet medley of karela, raw banana and several other vegetables. What makes this dish special is the inclusion of vadi (sundried lentil dumpling) that adds crunch and texture to the dish. Click here for the recipe. 


Lau dalna:

Let’s admit it lauki doesn’t have much of a fan following even after being super healthy. Here’s a delicious Bengali recipe that will give the boring lauki a unique and delicious twist. You must give it a try before saying NO. Click here for the recipe.


Much like labra, chorchori is a spicy mix of vegetables. But what makes it different from the other is the inclusion of garlic and some other spices. It is spicy and makes for a perfect side dish along with dal-chawal. Click here for the recipe.

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