10 Things You Must Consider While Buying A Home

Buying a property or home is not an easy process. You have checked so many details related to the property including the documents, location, construction specifications, and many other factors before finalizing the purchase. Although this may not be a big problem if you opt to buy from reputed builders in Kochi, Trivandrum, Kottayam or any other region in Kerala. They will have all the essential documents ready, and the home would be constructed suiting your needs.

We will be looking at varying points you need to examine whilst proceeding with home buying. This article is intended to prevent your dream home turning a headache for you. 

Let glance through the most important factors to remember when buying a home

1. Location of the Home

Location matters a lot when you start staying in the home. It should be neither remotely located nor in the middle of the cacophony. Amenities, especially schools and hospitals, must be available at proximity. Thereby, the family can stay comfortably, even if you are away on business trips or official commitments. Also, examine the surroundings of the home for installations like high-tension electric lines. Though it hasn’t been proven hazardous to humans it is better to avoid buying a home at such a location. You and your family may live with a persistent fear, which will be harmful to the overall health of the family. 

2. Design Characteristics

You may have some exclusive design requirements like a parking lot for two cars or two bedrooms on the ground floor and so on. For some people, appearance matters more than anything does. Check whether the home is according to your tastes and needs. 

3. Age of the Home

A decade-old house means it may need repair before and during the stay there. The installations and accessories will be outdated and worn out. It may fail frequently due to wear and tear. It is advisable to avoid buying an old home. However, if you are going with an old house due to budgetary constraints or other issues, you may check everything thoroughly.

4. Determine the Usable Space

This is an essential part when you consider buying a flat or apartment. Best builders in Kochi (or anywhere else) design homes to ensure optimum usage of the space. Although this is the case, it will be better to check out the space arrangements. A thorough inspection has to be done in case you are opting for ongoing projects. 

5. Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the most important parts of a home. Nonetheless, many don’t give adequate attention to the kitchen. Introduction of novel ideas and kitchen designs have changed the look and feel of kitchens. Modular Kitchen Designers focus on providing a spacious feel even if the kitchen is not that big. It will be joyful to work in an impeccably designed kitchen. Confirm whether the kitchen in the home you are about to buy is designed as per the latest design features, has enough storage space and is installed with ultramodern accessories.

6. Renting Out Possibilities

It is important to confirm the location ideal to find tenants easily. You can easily find tenants and ask for better rent if the location is well-connected and closer to important offices. Else, you will have to look for tenants by placing ads in online classifieds or through brokers. It will be cumbersome for you. 

7. Price of the Home

You must research the market trends and existing price before venturing into buying a home. Commonly, the agents or individual sellers will quote an exaggerated amount. Unless you are buying from a renowned and established builder. Confirm the price of the property in the area you opt to buy a home. Ascertaining the right possible price will save you from paying exorbitantly for the home. 

8. Talk to Locals 

Even though you may carry out a detailed analysis of the place, location and surroundings, you may miss out some aspects. Talk to the people around the place in a casual tone about the home, any specific issues around the area and other aspects. It is almost certain that you will find something, which you may not have thought about. 

9. Feel

We always have some kind of intuition or feel when we visit home. Not only you must like the home but also the home just like you. The feel also matters. 

10. Documents

Although the point said at the end, this is the most important thing. Scrutinize the documents thoroughly. You can understand most of the home-related certificates and documents. Nevertheless, take support from an experienced advocate. He or she will tell you about the authenticity of the document in a single glance itself. S/he may even ask for other supportive documents too. You can obtain it from the owner and hand it over to the advocate. Once the advocate clears it, you can progress the purchase. 

Pursue the above-mentioned steps judiciously and go ahead with the purchase of your dream home.